Friday, November 4, 2016

No Photo

Today was a very sad day in this area of the country.
A deputy sheriff was gunned down while on duty on October 29th 
just East of here in the town of Ladysmith.  
He was a local man, with a family.
Today his funeral was in Cameron and the procession from the funeral to the cemetery was routed North on County Road SS right past my house.

I stood at the roadside to show my respect as over 1000 Police, Sheriff, State Patrol and other Emergency Vehicles passed by.  50 minutes of a line of bumper to bumper squad cars, it was emotional and a sight I hope I never have to see again.  

Not knowing what was appropriate, I stood with my hand over my heart, 
and mouthed "thank you" to each of the squad cars that passed by.
Several of my neighbors were also at the side of the road.

How lucky I am that men and women choose to serve to enforce our laws and to keep us safe.

I couldn't help think about how close brother Glenn came to being killed in 1978, and without the quick action of a fellow officer, well, you know.

I'm very proud of niece Krista who currently serves as a Deputy with the Pierce County Sheriff's department.  I worry for her safety, but I know she is doing the work she has always wanted to do.  Bless her heart.
Be safe my niece.

I saw others taking photos, but it didn't seem respectful to me.
Yes, it was quite a sight to see flashing lights all the way to Rice Lake.
Yes, it was something I normally would have been quick to try to capture.
In my heart, it just didn't feel right to pull out a camera or cell phone, so no photo today.

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