Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Omaha II

Sadly, I have not seen the original Omaha on my trail cam since early October.  
Perhaps he found better lodging when I was gone and the shelter was closed.  
I hope so.

Once I reopened the shelter and food & water supply at the beginning of November, I started seeing a new cat coming around.  This is a calico that I have seen during the day very rarely.  
I thought this was a cat with a home in the neighborhood, but since he is coming and going in the middle of the night, I think this might be a stray also.

So, I'm back in the shelter, food & water business.
Introducing Omaha II.

It looks like OmahaII lays on the front door rug, so he's making himself to home.

I'm happy to give him shelter.

PS: Friend Mark shared a note with me that most calicos are female, 
so Chatte (short for Chatte de'espangne) will be her name.

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