Wednesday, October 19, 2016


I'm tuned up on mountain driving again now but very glad to be done with it.  It was a pretty drive on Tuesday, but Vail pass is a pull.  My little flatland car did okay,  but we traveled in the slow lane.  Finally seeing the Denver sprawl was a relief,  now my little car can rest for several days.
I arrived at Roche & Tom's to be greeted with a cold beverage,  guacamole, and much catching up.  It was good to be someplace familiar again.  LeAnna came over and we had a good evening of chatting & a delicious beef bourguignon meal.
Two cats live here but Moe is the greeter and talker.  He slept with me off and on during the night and then pressed my pj's for me once I was up this morning.  Camby is the downstairs cat.
Today was my sleep-in day, tomorrow I'm going to start catching up with my Colorado pals.

There is a downstairs attendant as well, but she snubs me.

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