Thursday, October 6, 2016

Horsing around

Wednesday morning I left Murdo, SD and headed for Billings, MT.  
A long drive was planned, but the weather looked good and I was up for it.

I had hoped to stop at Mt. Rushmore, but the closer I got, I could see that I did not have time for that excursion, so I'll save that for another time.  
I have been there before, but am always awed by 'the faces'.

One of the people I'm reconnecting with on this trip is Bonnie, who was my roommate back in 1977 when I first started working at Coors.  She's a Winona native and we met through mutual friends back in those days.  She had given me a tip for a short cut for my trip to Billings.  So, from Spearfish, SD I headed off on a state highway and left the Interstate and 80mph behind.  
It turned out to be an excellent choice.
Most of the 'shutcut' was through reservation land, so there wasn't much for amenities out there.

  Once I got into the mountains, I started seeing a familiar fall sight, the aspens in their glory.

As I came down into a little town called Lame Deer, I was noticing a very small casino off to my left, ,when I suddenly saw quick movement to my right.
I was slowing down to 25mph, so stopping was not a problem.
This probably happens here often, but it was first for me.

 These horses did not pause, but ran right out across the road as their herder followed.

Since I was behind the wheel, I didn't have a chance to look through the viewfinder of the camera,
I just held it up and snapped away. 
I did catch those horses heading up into the hills,
a better place for them no doubt, less traffic.

I arrived in Billings safely after a scenic drive.
Dinner and refreshments with Steve and Tammy Rockhold.
It was so good to see those two.
Steve and I worked together for many years on many projects 
and I have to say I have missed seeing him. 
We have shared many conversations over a cold beer. 

Tammy and I became good friends over the years as well.

Getting to see their new Montana digs 
and a Facetime chat with Emily 
and I got to meet Allie the black lab,
and having a night cap was all good.

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