Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Oh Whatta beautiful morning

I spent last night with my niece in her new apartment.  We walked to supper at the Alma Hotel just up main street.    Good home made food in an old building that has some restoration.

Lora & I had a good visit and her place is nice.  It's a 2 bedroom on the second floor right on main street of this river town Alma.  I'm sitting here now with the door open to the lanai listening to the morning sounds of cars,  birds and now the train is coming through.   The tracks are about 30 feet behind this building,  the floor shakes and there is no missing the whistle.  I don't mind it.

Looks to be a good day for a long drive.  Weather in MT looks dicey,  but maybe by tomorrow it will be better, at the very least the roads should be fine.

Lora is off to work,  she's a teacher,  so I'm finishing a big cup of coffee and then I'll shower and get going.  Murdo, SD is my next stop.

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