Friday, October 14, 2016

Port Townsend is cool

I stayed 2 nights with friends Mark and Karen in the harbor town Port Townsend.  It's a busy town with a vibrant historic downtown and folks who are living a friendly & eclectic lifestyle.
I loved the PourHouse bar where dogs rule, Sirens restaurant and bar where the sun was shining on us as we ate lunch and watched a few hungry sparrows who were thieving any scraps possible.  We picked glass at the beach giving me what every girl loves, a chance to keep my big butt in the air as I searched for the little gems, and we watched a movie in a setting that was like a trip back in time to the 40's and was nothing short of a slice of heaven.  Throw in some great home cookin', cold beers and a great dog named Scooter and it was two days I'll not soon forget.
Karen, Scooter, Mark & Wanda
I'll add more photos later when I have more time and better wifi.

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