Friday, September 16, 2016

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Nothing major going on around here right now.  Next weekend will be busy with Laila here for a few days and we have plans to get up to Lake Superior and the North Shore.  But this week, I've been a little lazy.
It is funny how you have a routine and then it gets interrupted and it is like you never had that in your schedule.  I used to do the crossword puzzle out of the paper every morning, then I suppose that went by the wayside during some busy time.  This week, I finally got back to it.  I so enjoy it and look forward to getting the newspaper first thing in the morning and spending quiet time before I start listening to whatever news stories are developing for the day.
Wednesday's puzzle was quite challenging for me, 
today's was a bit better, but I still enjoy the challenge.

Our Senior Citizens group is evolving a bit.  I've been an officer for one year and I feel good about what we have done in that span of time.
Today I sponsored the first of a series of programs called Tech Time with a Teen.
A high school honor student is conducting this group as her National Honor Society project.
The idea is to have folks come with their mobile devices and learn more about what they can do and also have a place to ask questions or solve problems.
We had two folks come today (and me) and it was a good learning session for all of us.
We plan to have the group meet twice per month, I'm excited to see the interest grow.
It's a huge temptation for me to run the deal, so it is really good that I'll be gone for the next two.

I planted two new peony bushes today.
Both are from Fina Gardens.
The owners, Sam & Helen, are Bridge players and I have planted 4 or 5 other varieties from their farm.  All performed beautifully.

Both new ones are white with yellow / orange centers.

Cheddar Royal peony
Cheddar Royal
Two or three rows of white petals surround a rich center of deep gold staminoids.

Roy Pehrson's Best Yellow peony

I can't wait to see them in the Spring.

I think that's it for this Friday afternoon.
I'm ready to have a beer and some dinner.
Sunday night, the Packers play the Vikings in the new Viking Stadium.
I'll be glued to the set.

Life is Good. 

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