Sunday, September 18, 2016


Last night I drove to Eau Claire to my favorite theater, The State, to see 1964 A Tribute.
I went to pick up my ticket at Will Call and much to my surprise, they did not have a ticket for me.
As I was waiting while she checked her computer, I checked my email and could not find confirmation that I had purchased a ticket.  
I've done that before, I shop but don't buy, but then later think I bought.  
Anyway, lucky for me she had a box seat available and I was able to buy a ticket.

I'm a snob now about where I sit at The State.  
I only like to be in the balcony in the box seats.
It is the best view and most comfort.
Next Friday, Laila and I are seeing Garrison Keillor there, we have the box seats.

The drive home was a little foggy, but it was worth it.
Help, Paperback Writer, Twist and Shout, and many many more.
I think I'll have to have some Beatles music ready to listen to on my trip.
It was nice to be back in 1964 again, music was happy and the words were pretty simple.

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