Monday, September 5, 2016

Labor Day

This year, the Johansen family took the holiday literally.  Lois needed to sell Gus's huge collection of 'everything under the sun'.  At first she thought she might let the auction folks handle it, but then, the kids agreed to hold the garage sale of all garage sales, and the deal was done.
Gus was famous for having multiples of many things.  I thought of him so many times over the weekend, wondering why he had this item or that.  Or why he had about a dozen gas cans.  What about that 11 foot stairway bannister, where was that going?  How many scopes for guns does one guy need?  Where did you find that adding machine from the '50s.  Where did the 20+ fishing poles come from?  Did you know you had that much fishing tackle?  Did we sell any true treasures?

The family helped Lois get ready on Saturday night after a fun birthday party was held for Anders, Stella, Jens and Ruby.  

Ruby and Anders are special pals with birthdays just about 10 days apart.
Both were born in 2008, just around the time I moved to Wisconsin.

Owen, Ivan, Ruby, Stella, Jude, Anders and Jens
Owen was pooped, he wanted to go home so badly, I'm sorry to show his sad face, he's usually happier.
I was there for the party but then I headed for home, but headed back over on Sunday to help with the sale.

This does not even come close to showing how much stuff was for sale to start with.
The buyers came steady all Sunday afternoon and again on Monday morning.

Ruby and Anders just before Anders left for home.

Jude got real serious about pretend mowing, but happily ,the mower sold.

Finally, the end of the sale and time to load up everything that was left for the auction house to sell.
If you play the game Tetris, it helps you figure out how to wedge a recliner into a full trailer.

I spent some time with little Jude.
It was hot, humid and windy.
 Anders was up for sale as Jack two wheeled him around the sale.
Lucky, no buyers.

I'm sure Gus was with us in spirit today.  Many Gus stories were told.
The sale was a huge success, Lois now has empty sheds and garage, and a few bucks in her pocket.
Gus's many collections have found new homes and I know some little kids who have a new tackle box filled with lures will not soon forget their purchase today.

I'm home and tired but it was a fun day with family, and I brought home a couple of Gus's items too.
An 11 foot piece of handrail will become part of my hops growing setup and a scope meant for a 22 will be used to shoot photos with my cell phone.
More on those two items later, but it will be fun to think of Gus as I put them into use.

We sure miss Gus, it would have been much more fun to have him there today.

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