Wednesday, September 21, 2016

More Volleyball

Because the opposing team does not have enough players for a JV and Varsity squad, the scheduled was adjusted Tuesday night and Emily & the Luck Cardinal JV team only played one game.  

I was there a little early because of the time change, but one of the kids at the concession stand talked me into a bag of popcorn out of the brand new popcorn machine 

and I ended up getting to have a nice visit with Angie's mother-in-law Chris.
I see Chris often, but usually in a crowd so I never get a chance to really chat.
It was a nice, unexpected, opportunity.

Emily played well, the Luck JV was victorious.
Great Niece Emily at the net

Emily with the 'over the net' save

Emily hits the ball, there might be a more professional description for this action in VB, I would not know.

Good sportsmanship after the game

Volleyball seems to be a tight knit team sport.
And you have to know how to braid hair.
Great nephew Gussie was enjoying a visit with his pal Noah.
Noah got Gussie dancing and making all kinds of fun faces and noises.

Final Score

This is one of the last volleyball games I'll see Emily play this year because of my Big Trip.
I'm starting to learn a little more, but I have lots to learn about Volleyball photography.
I think I'll get more chances.

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