Sunday, September 11, 2016

Lunch and Hunting

On Friday, I met 2 friends, Jeri & Mary Jo, for lunch at The Roost.  An off the beaten path restaurant that serves up a delicious plate of food, a good cup of hot coffee and a tasty cold drink.  We had a good visit and enjoyed our lunches.  Facebook reminded me that we had lunch last year on September 9th too, funny how schedules work out.

After I left the restaurant I decided to take the scenic route home.  
Soon, I decided that would include at stop at Hunt Hill Audubon Sanctuary.  
I had been there one time, but it was spring time with muddy roads, 
so I didn't get out of the car on that day.  
This day was much better, so I did a little looking around.

The trail map is a work of art.
Can you see the photographer? Ha.

I started at the You Are Here and took the Prairie walk.
I'm not exactly sure where I was on this map, I'll bring it with me next time.
I did see the Prairie Platform.

 I walked for about 30 minutes is all.
The trails are mowed grass in the Prairie area, very easy walking and quite a delight.
It was so peaceful and the prairie grasses shoulder high.
I can see this would be quite beautiful in Spring and early Summer.

My return trail was closer to the woods and I could see the water below.
But still a nice walk surface for sure.

Near the trailhead.
I'm wondering if this is just for demonstration or if it is a diverse living situation.

I saw a few birds, none that I could identify, but I loved this silhouette.

The Bumbles were really busy.

I love this prairie grass.  I hope my own 'wild area' will return to this next year.

My first Monarch Butterfly of the year.
I am not sure if I wasn't out in the yard enough or what, but I haven't seen a single Monarch in my yard.
The White Sled
It was a good visit to Hunt Hill.
I'll be back, walking that peaceful path appeals to me.
I came home and found their website so I could join.
This kind of wild habitat is high on my list of important keepsakes.

Next time I'll spend more time hunting with my camera.

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