Thursday, September 1, 2016

A Blast of Coors

Much to my delight, friends Jeannie and Sue from Colorado decided that Rice Lake could be on their way to Michigan.  They arrived yesterday afternoon, and after setting up their trailer in local campground, they came to my house for a visit.  We sat on the deck and had a Coors Light then headed off to Adventures for dinner and more visiting.  I would have loved several more hours of catching up, but I'll get to see them Out West in October.
Sue, Jeannie & Wanda

They also kindly toted a 12 pack of Colorado Native all the way to my front door.
A real treat for me.

Friend Penny sent a package as well.
Bill Coors just celebrated his 100th birthday and Penny very kindly, and very much to my surprise, sent me the package that employees were given to commemorate Bill's 100th.

Wow, what a surprise and what a great keepsake.

I topped off the evening with a phone chat with Coors pals Dick and Lois who live in Colorado.  We decided that we could conference call a happy hour occasionally to stay better connected.
Lots of remembering of the old Coors days and how much fun we all had working together.
Life is good.

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