Monday, August 15, 2016


On Saturday, I took a little tour to do some errands.  
Starting in Luck, 
I picked up a chair from Lois that will match the 3 I have around my dining room table.  
All it needed was a little black paint, and now it matches.
Gotta love how easy spray paint is.

I got to see Jude while I was at Lois's.  He's growing like a weed, and such a sweet little personality.
Jude was busy driving or pushing his little trucks around.  Grandma has a nice supply of vehicles!
Jude driving around the driveway

Jude is a sweet little boy


After I left Lois's, I dropped in on the final sale at The Cardinal Shop in downtown Luck.
Not needing a thing, but couldn't walk away from the village houses that were needing to be sold, I came home with 5 new houses for my Alpine / Brewery Village and a couple more people too.  I don't have room to add all 5 but now I can rotate which houses I use each year, and for $65 for the whole lot, I could not pass it up.
Bob told me that they have had the store for 39 years, I've shopped there many times over the years, Diane always carried a nice supply of Scandinavian gifts.
But, life changes and hopefully Bob and Diane do well.

I also picked up a couple of flooring samples of Luxury Vinyl Tile that I am planning on putting in my house.  Jensen Furniture will do the job for me, I'm trying to pick a good color.

Then I motored on to Glenn's lake cabin to drop off some photos.
I had a couple of photo ops along the way.
Nice rack Dude!

I hope this guy survives The Hunt this fall.

I watched these two pecking around for a while.

The Sandhill Cranes will soon be migrating.
My next stop was a road side stand near Almena, WI.
This place has a permanent stand and a nice sign to show what is in stock.
This time it said tomatoes, I had to go past, turn around and come back due to traffic, but I was not disappointed!  The tomatoes were wonderful.  There were 4 nice sized baskets there for sale, priced at $3/each.  I took them all!  I shared a few with friend Carol, but I can eat me some fresh tomatoes!

A funny thing on the way home.  I was being followed by a big RV, on Highway 8, which is a busy state road and mostly 2 lanes only.  I came over a little hill and saw a pickup pulling out to pass without enough room, so I slowed down significantly so that we would not meet head on.
As the pickup and I met, I pointed at him as if to say "I saw what you did" and he flipped me off.
Seriously, flip me off for slowing down so you can pass in an unsafe manner?
Just then I looked in my rear view mirror again and this time I noticed that it said SHERIFF across the front of the RV.  
So, now I wonder if Mr. PickUp Truck Driver was flipping me off 
or The Sheriff, 
or was it a two for one?

Who knows, 
but I bet I was enjoying my day of driving 
much more than that angry guy driving that pick 'em up truck.

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