Thursday, August 11, 2016

Happy Birthday Mr. Coors

I started working at the Coors Brewery in Golden, Colorado on 05.14.1977, 
an opportunity that changed my life forever.

Over my 31 years at Coors, I had many opportunities to interact with the Coors family.
It was my honor to work with Bill Coors on part of our Coors 101 course during the last several years that I worked.  Employees could take this course to learn about the history of the company and also the steps involved in making, packaging, and selling a great beer.
For several years, Bill Coors agreed to teach the first segment which was The History of Coors.
It was so fun to see the students in that first class when Bill would walk in to teach.
Sometimes he didn't get through much of the historical timeline, but he spent time talking with the students and sharing his memories and wisdom.  It was 2 hours that no one would trade.
Even though I was only required to be there for class set up and introductions on that first night, I always stayed to listen to Bill talk and I always learned something and he always made us chuckle and we all left there richer for the time spent with him.

Today is Bill's 100th birthday.
The last time I spoke to Bill, I told him I was retiring 
and he pshawed me and said I was too young to quit!

He's a brewing icon, a nice man and a leader.
Happy Birthday Mr. Coors!

2002 - My 25 year service award

Bill Coors, ?, Doyle Thompson, Peter Coors
Mike Martinez, Wanda Johansen, ?
A couple of quotes that I will always attribute to Bill Coors:
Quality in all we are and all we do.
Barley is to beer as grapes are to wine.

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