Wednesday, August 24, 2016


On Tuesday, I took a drive up to the cabin to see if I could replace the elbow the stove pipe off our wood stove.  I know nothing of these kinds of things, but had found the part at Menards and I brought my friend Bruce along to help me with this task.  Things were good at the cabin, except for some very long grass, but it's been raining up there almost daily so no surprise.
I was able to put the elbow on the stove flange, but the next piece was a tight fit.  Now I have to learn if that corrugated edge can be squeezed to fit inside the next piece.

So, my search for knowledge continues.

It was a nice day for a drive Up North and we met friends Rick & Mary for lunch at the Y Go By Bar & Grill.  Fun visiting with our pals and both Bruce and I agreed that we sure live in a beautiful place.

I delivered a garden mosaic stone to Mary that I had made for her in class.
She liked it and sent me back a photo of her and the dogs and the stone that Rick had made a wooden frame for to class it up.

I can see a wood frame finishes off the stone nicely.
Don't you love these two doggies?  Mary sure does.

On Saturday I met nephew Kris up at the Sandcastle and we fixed the stove pipe.
It was not perfect, but it is a good fix and looks good too.
Check it off the list!

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