Friday, August 19, 2016


I've probably mentioned my wish to restore some of my mowed yard to natural state, partly as a gift to wildlife in this area and partly to create more buffer between my house and the busy county road.  This Spring I roped off an area in my lower yard where some pine trees that I planted about 6 years ago have grown to be a nice size.  So, for about 2 months, this area was not mowed.  The grass was waist high, some wild flowers were showing up and the deer had been laying in the tall grass.  Just what I had hoped for.  I took down the rope and it looked fine to me.  Then, last week, out of the blue, my lawn guy mows it all down.  What?  Two weeks in a row, he mowed all the tall grasses and around each of the trees.  So, what was I to do.  I decided to make it official, fence the area off, post my Natural Habitat sign and send a message to the mower guy and the neighbors as to what I was doing there.

So, you get the idea.  Now it looks like something and once the grass gets long again, it won't be a mystery to the neighborhood as to why I quit mowing this area.
I have a bunch of wild flower seeds that I'll plant in this area in the Spring too.
Eventually, I'm hoping to restore this area to a more natural state.

Wish me luck.

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