Thursday, January 21, 2016

Winter in Wisconsin

It was a slow start to winter this year.  Not much snow yet, and the ice has been slow to form on the lakes.  The past couple of weeks have been more like what we expect though.  Lots of below zero temperatures, -19 one morning this week, now that is winter weather!

So, on Tuesday night, it seemed funny that the Luck Cardinals were playing basketball in Winter, Wisconsin.  Winter is located East and North of Rice Lake about 75 miles.  Janice and I decided to go as the roads are clear and it would only be about an hour and 15 minutes for us.  We were glad we went.  It was an easy win for the Cardinals and we enjoyed our visit time in the car as well.  Only one deer pranced around on our drive, so that was good too.

The population of the town of Winter is about 300 folks and they must be hardy.
There isn't much around, woods and lakes and streams.
The nearest bigger town is 30 miles and then Ladysmith is not very big either.
I had to admire the Winter kids.
Their band had 14 or 15 players but they were there.  
I thought it was cool when they played their school song, they played it once, 
then sang it once and then played it again.  
School spirit!

They also did a great job on The Star Spangled Banner!

Did you notice Batman in the band?

The Luck kids quickly got well ahead of the Winter team, but I have to say those Winter kids continued to play hard and tough until the end.
Noah wins the tip off.
Cardinals win the game.
My research for my thesis has been right all but once.

Gage and little brother Jens and giggles.

Gage and Jens and one of the many girls that love these two.


Jack and Noah and Casey

Luck Cardinals on defense

Jack and Noah on defense

Introductions of the starting 5.  

Jack feeds Noah

Noah makes the bucket

Nice feed to Noah and his dunk.

Noah and Jack
Batman in the background

Jens and Gage and more laughing.

Jack handling the ball

It was an hour and 15 minute drive over to Winter, 
but Janice and I were really glad we went, we had fun and the game was fun to watch.  
Those Winter kids played hard and those Luck kids did too.

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