Sunday, January 17, 2016

LHS Pride

Of course, this isn't really a video format, 
but thought I would post a couple of links to videos anyway.

The Luck High School Pep Band is really good, under the direction of Mrs. Gilhoi, these kids make good music and seem to have a ton of fun!  

CLICK HERE to listen.
And remember, I was taping from across the gym, so in person they sounded even better.
As you can see, the electric guitar player is having a blast and the drummer is a real character.
My great niece Emily is 3 rows up on the right, playing the flute.

The Luck High School Choir sang our national anthem at the game on Friday night.
Under the direction of Ms Werner, who is new to the Luck school system this year, these kids sounded awesome.  My bleacher seat was a bit behind the kids, so I am guessing from the front, they sounded even better.
Here's a video, CLICK HERE to check it out.  

I'm so proud to be a Cardinal.

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