Sunday, January 17, 2016


-16°F on the thermometer and breezy,  when I got up this morning.   
Needless to say,  I'm going to stay indoors today.  
I'm still sad over that Packer game 
and now am hoping I see my Broncos win their game this afternoon.

I picked up a fabric cat house on clearance over a year ago 
and it has been taking up space in the living room ever since.  
The cats mostly ignored its existence, 
only venturing inside to look and then immediately leaving again.   
But within the last couple of weeks,  that cat house has become their hideout of choice; 
even a few hissing arguments have developed over who gets to be inside.  
Today,  they are snuggled in there together. 
Cats are hard to figure.
Owell, I wont even try.

Go Broncos!

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