Saturday, January 16, 2016

Shout Out

Last night was an exciting game between the Luck Cardinals and the Frederic Vikings.  It was a close game and after coming back from behind, our Cardinals won the game!
The local radio guys were broadcasting, so I sent sister Laila a text and told her she could listen via the webpage.  She found the link and was listening to the game.  One of the radio guys walked by during halftime, so I told him that they had a listener in Colorado and he asked her name.
Fun for her, she got a triple shout out!

After the game, Noah was interviewed by the radio guys.
Little Jens, my great nephew, Noah's cousin, waited patiently until the interview was over.

Jens had gathered up all the used drawing tickets and wanted to give them to Noah.
It made me smile.
Love between cousins is pretty precious.

In my continuing study of how the opening tip-off predicts the outcome of the game,
Noah won the tip, Cardinals won the game.

Final score after an exciting game!

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