Sunday, January 24, 2016

It's a really big deal

1,000 is a big number and when it is the points scored by a high school basketball player, 
it is monumental.  
Not many achieve this level of scoring in just 4 years.

Noah Mortel is my niece-in-law's nephew, that makes him my 'great nephew by in-law' and I have enjoyed watching him play ball since I moved to Wisconsin.

On Friday night, he scored his 1,000th point 
and he has already racked up 500 rebounds too.  
I'm so happy I was there for the game.

At the tip off, Noah was 16 points away from the 1,000

the crowd knew and family members were excited for the moment.
Noah won the tip off, and as I would have predicted based on the tip off, Luck won the game.

But what happened in between was pretty exciting for all.

 We knew this was the shot, and yes! it went in!

The first person to congratulate Noah was his cousin (my great nephew) Jack!
Jack congratulates Noah, these two are good pals
and it doesn't go unnoticed that his is the last year that they will be on the court together.
It made this moment even more touching.

Then the game was stopped as a presentation of the commemorative basketball.

After the game, lots of photos with Noah and The 1,000th Ball!
Cole, Noah & Alec Mortel

Coach Giller who coached Noah until this season,
and who delivered the recognition on this 1,000th.

Grandpa Kenny Olson, Noah & Grandma Janice Olson

Mom Jessica and Noah

Aunt Heather, Noah and Uncle Kyle

Noah and Cousin Gage
I'm glad I was there to see this milestone in Noah's career.
It's a really big deal!

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