Thursday, May 28, 2015

We want the best for our kids

It's a no-brainer, we all want what is best for the children of our family, and all children.  It doesn't always work out.  Making decisions and accepting the consequences come easier to some than others.  For some, the path is easy to see, obeying laws, living a good life and avoiding the pitfalls.  For others, the choices are not as easy.  Choosing friends and lifestyles that are on the wrong side of the law and accepted societal norms is attractive to some, but comes with a price.
The family members suffer when left in the wake of an arrest, rehab, bad behavior and lies.
So it is with one of my great nieces.
Her recovery seemed to be amazing and her attitude so positive, but now choices made have returned her to the life she once worked so hard to escape.
As we hope for her recovery and for her to once again choose a healthy lifestyle, her family suffers.
It isn't their fault, yet they find themselves confused, disappointed, hurt and sad.
For a sister & auntie to post a photo with this comment, I think it says it all.

No, I will never ever you can trade a little boy for anything, much less a life of substance abuse.  I will never understand how you can hurt the ones who have loved you and helped you and encouraged you to be well.  I will never understand how you can disrespect and endanger your sisters with your behavior.  I will never understand how you can ignore what is happening to your family.  I will never understand how you can think you are exempt from laws and from acceptable behavior.  I will never understand, but I will always love you L.
Please come back to us.
We just want what is best for you.

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