Saturday, May 23, 2015

Decoration Day

I'm a little sad that the name was changed to Memorial Day.  I kind of like the idea of cemetery plots being decorated in memory of loved ones, and I like the notion that military honors are decorations, whether it be a medal, a stripe or a marker on a grave.  
I visited the West Denmark Cemetery yesterday to plant a couple of perennials and also place a pot holder and flowers.  It was a perfect summer day.  When I first arrived, I was the only one in the cemetery.  I took care of my planting but then realized I needed water to help those plants survive the move.  When I returned to do the watering, the cemetery was busy.  Lawn was being mowed, flags were being placed on the veteran's graves and family members were coming to decorate the graves.
I think Dad and Ev would like how their bench looks today.

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