Tuesday, May 5, 2015

An evening with Frank

Sometimes it's just too much trouble to see if anyone else wants to go, so I decided to get just one ticket for the Chippewa Valley Jazz Orchestra's performance of Frank Sinatra's Live at the Sands.

I'm also experimenting with different seats in the theater to find my favorite, since I like going to events at The State.  The State is a refurbished movie house and a great venue.  Recently I saw the Andrew Lloyd Webber show performance of Jesus Christ Superstar.  For that show, I got a box seat (remember where the old guys sat on The Muppets).  I liked that seat and will gladly sit there again.

This show, I sat in the front row of the balcony.  A very excellent seat for sure.
The View from Row S
It was really a perfect seat for a performance like the Jazz Orchestra.
I loved all the music in the show and as I was driving home from Eau Claire, humming Fly Me To the Moon & Luck, Be a Lady Tonight.
Fun, and great talented singer & musicians along with a good seat, made for an enjoyable outing.
I am often reminded what a small world we live in.
When I sat down in my theater seat on Saturday evening, the couple next to me said hello and when I turned to return their greeting, I could see he was very familiar face to me & then I realized why.
He used to the be the Optometrist at Target in Eau Claire where I go for exams and glasses.
They proceeded to tell me that they saw Count Basie with Tony Bennett in Florida, 45 years ago, on New Year's Eve, while on their honeymoon.
I asked if they were married on New Year's Eve, 
but they said no, but that they were married on the 27th of December.
Since that is my birthday, I will from now on always think of these nice folks on my birthday.
Life is funny sometimes.

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