Thursday, May 21, 2015

It's good when things are good

Owning a cabin Up North is nice, but is always a worry whether someone might break in and do some damage.  We had one attempted break in a couple of years ago, but otherwise so far, 
we have been lucky.
The White Sled at The Sandcastle
We have been also been lucky over the past few years to have a group of Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources research folks need a place to stay in that area and have taken advantage of our offer for them to use The Sandcastle.
They are always appreciative and take excellent care of our place and leave it cleaner than we do.
And having someone in the cabin, reduces the risk of a break in to about zero.

Today, I took a drive up to the cabin to check on things now that the WDNR folks have moved out and to measure a cabinet.
Of course, everything was perfect.
They left us a nice Thank You note.
Thanks from our DNR pals.

And they left some cash.

And they left refreshments.
Nice beers

Oh, they also left a replacement knife for one that broke.
We would have never known that one of our crappy knives was missing!
At least now, we have one good knife.

And, lastly, they left firewood.
The inside wood-box was full and the woodpile had been added to.

They also left this funny note.
I take this to mean that they caught the mouse.

These folks are great house guests!
I hope they will want to come back again next year.

It has been two years since the German Road Fire in this area, and I am just amazed at how different everything looks up there.  Most of the charred trees have been removed, so it is growing up with lots of green now.
Pano of Sand Road & Connors Meadow Road
This area was all pine trees before the fire.
After the fire, this intersection was completely charred.
Now, it looks like sand prairie.
Mother Nature is good.

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