Sunday, May 3, 2015

It feels like summer

The weather has warmed, and many of my perennials are making their way to be a flower or bush.  As you can see, the sun is bright, the sky was clear on Saturday, 
allowing temperatures to reach the mid 70's.  It's been awhile since it has felt that warm.  With a warm spike comes risk of storms for Sunday and I saw my first June Bug, but otherwise, 
Life is Good.

I've long wanted some kind of comfy seating on my South facing deck.  The table and chairs there are fine for eating, but not for lounging.  Since my friend, Bruce, was making a trip to Rice Lake with his pick up truck, I got busy and found a patio set that would work.  He hauled it to my garage for me and then all that was left, was some assembly.

I don't mind projects like this.  Once I read the directions, and set up a chair in the sun, it took me about 2 hours to have a completed set of furniture.  
Only one re-do was required after I noticed the seat was upside down on the couch.  

Still working on the arrangement, but now I have a comfortable sitting spot and hopefully, I'll use this deck a little more often.  It has the bird feeder action to entertain anyone who sits a minute here.

A friend has asked that I 'beta read' her first novel.
The manuscript arrived a few days ago and I devoted a Sunday, with no other obligations, 
to diving into the story. 
The birds busy in the background made for a nice setting for reading.
I'm enjoying the book, at about the half way mark, it has been interesting and the imagery pleasing.
Well, back to the story...

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