Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

The weather has definitely turned to spring.  Warmer temperatures and rain instead of snow are welcome.  This weekend I headed Southwest to Waumandee to see Colorado pal, Roche, and her family who live in Wisconsin.  I spent Friday night with Kris, Lora and Anders and then went to Fountain City, WI on Saturday morning.  Roche's Mom, Betty, is living at St. Michael's Lutheran Home in Fountain City.
I had a good visit with both Roche & her mom.
Fountain City is on the Mississippi River and I mean ON the river.

The view from St. Michael's is pretty awesome.  The driveway up to the home is just about straight up.
Fountain City, WI on the Mississippi River
After lunch, Roche's brother John brought his border collie, Annie, over to visit Betty.
Annie did pretty well there, although I did think she was going to bite me on the butt earlier in the day.
John Rosenow & Annie

The town of Fountain City has experience with flooding and this year the threat is high.
The community was working hard to sandbag and button up buildings as I left Saturday afternoon.
The danger of flooding is high and the damage could be bad.

These young men had their work cut out for them.
I sure hope the water does not get as high as these bags are piled.
After my visit, I headed back to Durand and spent a second night with Kris and Lora.
The weather was nice enough that we sat out on the deck for a bit while Kris grilled venison tenderloins (which were delicious).
Anders is such an outside loving kid, he was happy to be out there, even though it was a little chilly...that's what pockets are for.
Anders, getting to be a big guy now.
It rained most of the way home on Sunday, I saw this wet, immature eagle just after I got off Hwy 53 onto Hwy 8.  The immature ones are not very attractive, especially when they are wet, but still I had to stop and try to take his picture.  If he wasn't so impressive, he'd be pretty ugly.
Immature & wet

Back home now, just in time to see my NCAA brackets go down the drain and in time to be snuggled in the house during a good thunder, lightning, rain & hail storm.
Welcome Spring!

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