Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bet he is wishing that his flight had been delayed - version 2

I finally saw my first robin this morning in the middle of a Spring blizzard.
The "Kaija rule" is that when you see your first robin of the Spring, you get go to Dairy Queen, but that will have to wait until the blizzard ends.  No travel for me today.
I bet this guy is wondering what the heck he is doing in Rice Lake on such a lovely day...
Nice welcome home weather, eh?
Several cardinals have been around this morning.  
They seem to always show up in a snow storm.

Spring snowstorm cardinal
Most of the schools in the area are closed, I guess I'll have a snow day too.
Version 2:  The Shoveling
It's 10-12 inches of very heavy snow, even pushing off the driveway is almost impossible.
This looks like a picture I took during a big snow in January...March now, hello! Time for melting.
I gave up after clearing about 10 feet.
If the nice neighbor with a snow plow doesn't clear the driveway, I'm home until it melts.
P U!
The whole driveway is 10-12 inches deep.
The newspaper guy got here this morning, but the mailman did not.
Spring! Bah! Humbug!

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