Thursday, March 17, 2011

Aprons anyone?

Last week I attended a sewing class through WITC in Cornucopia, WI.  My friend and classmate formerly of Luck, Mary Stenberg, was the instructor.  The topic of the class was Re-purposing a man's shirt into an apron.
I got a few shirts from Gus that were headed to the Goodwill bag, and I made an apron.  
It was so much fun.
So, here is the shirt...before.
One of Gus's dress shirts before...
Deconstructed.  Collar, pocket, cuffs, plackets, & shirt back.
Re-purposed collar as waist band, and button holed placket as apron tie.
Re-purposed buttoned placket & collar.
Re-purposed pocket.
Re-purposed shirt back as apron skirt.
Final product.
 The ribbons were also reclaimed.  They had been part of the packaging for Christmas cards and I had kept them because they were so nice.  By splicing them, I could use them for the border around the hem.

Apron 2
Apron 3
The class was so much fun.  I can't wait to sign up for the next one.
I had not sewn for years, but this got me interested again.
Mary is a really good instructor and shared several fun tips.
So, the office has been rearranged and a sewing center has been created.
Of course I had to buy a few of the new handy sewing tools too.
I'm hoping to give quilting a try, we'll see.

I forgot to post photos of the apron that I made in class.
I was a little intimidated when I first got to class as I had not sewn for so long.
But with Mary's encouragement and the camaraderie of the other experienced sewers in the room,
the day flew by and I went home with a finished apron.
Finished product
Saved the labels and reattached on the apron tie.
Might have to send these pictures to Cabela's.
Saved the hoop of the back of the shirt and re purposed as a loop for a hand towel.
Thought a red kerchief would work for a hand towel.

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sherri said...

I love it Wanda! Your apron is so cool! The Cabela's tag and the red bandana really tops it off. Good job! Make more..... and more......!


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