Wednesday, March 1, 2017

What a night!

The Luck Cardinals won their tournament game against Shell Lake moving them to Game 2 of the Regional Tournament played on Friday night against South Shore.
Jack on defense

Gage readies to shoot the 3

Shot is on its way.
 Then there were the shirts.  Heather started a movement, almost by accident.  She ordered shirts for the family for Rare Disease Awareness Day with special words on the back about our Jude.  Then she offered the shirts on Facebook.  250+ shirts later, 
the crowd was a black out with Polymicrogyria shirts!
This is one amazing community.

Jude's shirt said "I'm Jude"
Here he is with his Mom and Larry (photographer) looking at a book of photos of Jude playing basketball after one of the games.  He always wants to get down on the court with the other kids.  I've been lucky to catch a few snaps of him.

Top row = Johansen / Mortel row
Great Aunt Lois Skow, Grandma Janice Olson, Mom Heather, Aunt Jessica Mortel
Warm ups by the Luck Cardinal team.

Introduction of the starting 5

After the game, Jude posed for a bunch of photos.
Big Brothers Gage & Jack with Jude

Lining up the team for a big group photo.

Jude is in the middle of this huddle, they said he held up the #1 finger for the boys.

Jude's brother Jens doesn't cut Jude any slack on the court.
Here he is coming for the ball.

Once he got a chance, Jude took off to the locker-room with the ball.

As the gym finally emptied, Jude kept working on his dribbling.

Finally big brother Jack had to convince him that it was time to put the ball away and head for home.

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