Sunday, March 12, 2017

Basketball Wrap

A rough loss last night in Sectional Final Play 
left our Cardinals with no more games to play this season.

The Cardinals lost to the McDonell Macks in a game played at Spooner, WI

The McDonell Macks, a private school in a community of 13,718 folks, versus the LHS Cardinals, a public school in Luck, WI, population 1,100, not really an even matchup.  
But, this isn't new.  
Every year, one of the small public schools runs up against one of these private schools with similar enrollment numbers to compete in our division, but a selection process for their students.  
Fair? No it is not.  
And, as with most of these contests, 
an difficult ending to a great season by the public school teams.

Having said that, The Luck Cardinals are Sectional Runners-up and that is no small feat.  
Only a handful of times in the history of our school has a team made it this far.  
Certainly, it was unexpected this year as the team has no 'star' player, no big man to feed the ball to but rather an athletic team of competitors who work as a team.  
So, I'm proud of these kids.  
They showed us something.

They played while other teams were watching.
Cardinal Pride!
Go Cardinals!

Jack had such a great season.
8th in assists per game out of all the players in the state.
It takes work and practice to achieve results like this.
Nice going Jack!

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