Tuesday, March 28, 2017

I saw it, they found it

The Beginning

So this is kind of a long story, but Monday night, 3.27.2017,  I was reading the news on WEAU 13's page on Facebook. There was an article about a piece of artwork that had been stolen in downtown Eau Claire off of Barstow Street. They have a variety of artwork pieces down there on each corner and most are for sale but in the meantime, they are on display. The piece that was being reported on as being stolen was a large metal sphere with cutouts of farm scenes in it and it was called a Farm Fireball.  I think the idea is like a fire pit only  a 3D ball.  There was a picture of the item in the article I was reading and it's so weird, because I instantly recognized it. 

On my way to the Kris Kristofferson concert in Eau Claire on Thursday night, 3.23.2017, I saw an SUV like vehicle, with a rack on the back, with that steel ball cut out thing on it.  I'm sure. The vehicle turned left, across the road in front of me, into a service entrance at Banbury place which is the old Uniroyal plant. 

The more I looked at the picture in the news article the more I was positive that that's what I saw because when this vehicle turned in, it crossed in front of me and I thought "what is that thing it looks like a cool big Steel globe with cutouts". 

So after talking it over with brother Glenn, I decided to call the non-emergency number of the Eau Claire police and tell them what I saw, because according to this article, that item was stolen either Wednesday night or Thursday morning and I saw it Thursday night about 7:20pm.

Isn't that so crazy? I'm hoping that the weak information that I gave them of a time frame and where I saw it and what kind of the vehicle it was on will help them find it.  It'll be interesting to see what happens.  The Officer Johnson was very polite and appreciative that I took time to call. 

The Ending

So, tonight, Tuesday 3.28.2017, I saw on the news that they found the missing sculpture at Banberry Place.  A security guard found it, so I'm not sure if my tip helped or not, but I was right. They found it exactly where I said I saw it.

I called the police back tonight and asked if my tip helped but the Officer Johnson was busy, so I'll probably never know for sure. I do have the satisfaction of knowing I was right and I tried to help.


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