Friday, March 3, 2017


Tournament games are so fun.  Bigger crowds, more on the line and a generally electric atmosphere.
The first round often pits the low seed against the high seed, so some of those games are run aways, as was Tuesday night in Luck.  Luck boys beat Shell Lake by a wide margin and move on to the next round on Friday night against a South Shore team that will give them a run for their money.

I am getting a little more used to the Nikon, here are a few of my photos.
Gage goes for the pick

Gage shoots the 3 and makes it.

Jack on defense.
I love this shot, the ref in the shot and the expressions, anyway, it's one of my favorite.
I've been deleting files off my external hard drive to make room for more photos.  So far, I have deleted about 15,000 images that didn't make the editing cut.  So, I must have taken about 20,000.
Crazy, but fun.
Go Cardinals!

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