Sunday, March 19, 2017

A day for Uncle Dale

Wanda, Roche, John, Cindy, LeAnna, Paul, Faye, Janie
We had a very good day in Winona, Minnesota yesterday.  The service for Uncle Dale was nice, a good lunch by the church ladies, and a bit chilly at the graveside.  Dale is the uncle of my best friends Roche & LeAnna.  He was my good friend.  He passed away on March 6th after a brief illness.  

After the graveside service, 8 of us, 7 cousin's and me, took a trolley ride around Winona.  Uncle Dale had wanted to do that and it was planned for us the gather in May and take this ride with Dale . So, the wife of one of the cousins got it organized on the spur of the moment.  It was a 2 hour historical & scenic city tour including a trip up on a bluff to a scenic overlook.   
The  driver was a local character with no front teeth but a pleasing delivery.  The ride gave us all more time to chit chat and it was interesting & fun.  When we were done with the trolley ride, it was supper time, so we 8 went to eat and spent more time visiting.

So we had a really great day, all for Uncle Dale.
 I got home to Rice Lake at about 10pm.

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