Sunday, December 11, 2016

Winter roads and such

Janice and I made the trip to Webster on Friday night to watch the Luck Cardinals play basketball.  We came about as close to hitting a doe as you can be without making contact.  The crazy doe was walking across the road, never did break into a trot.  I was breaking though.  Lucky no one was right on my tail and lucky the road was not slippery right there.  We both got a big shot of adrenaline and we both got a really close look at that doe in my headlights.  
Crisis avoided, and the boys won their game!
The drive home was without drama.
Winter is finally here and on Saturday night it started snowing.  
I think about 6 inches of new snow is no the ground by now.
It's good, we needed the moisture and the insulation for our perennials too.
Mourning Dove

Downy Woodpecker on empty suet feeder.  I have work to do.

Mrs. Cardinal visiting the seed tray

Mrs. Cardinal queuing up for the feeder.

Hairy woodpecker on tree branch.  The woodpeckers were making so much noise pounding away on this tree.

Mr. Cardinal in his spot where we waits for the coast to clear.

When it is safe, the cardinal comes for some seeds.

Hairy woodpecker on suet log.

I used the snow blower for the first time for this winter today.
I was pleasantly surprised when it started and I had just enough gas to clear the driveway.
Winter brings lots of change and I love seeing the birds.
I wonder if the birds love it?

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