Sunday, December 25, 2016

A Merry Christmas Eve

A Merry Christmas Eve at Kyle and Heather's

Johansens on Christmas
Left to right, back to front: 
Aaron Chivers, Emily Chivers, Ryan 
Milena holding Jude, Megan Chivers, Gage Johansen, Lois Skow Johansen, Jack Johansen, Elliana, Camilla Johansen, Lois Skow, Larry Skow, Kris Johansen
Lora Ebersold Johansen, Ruby, Anders, Owen Chivers, Jens, Stella, Heather B. Olson-Johansen, Kyle Johansen, Wanda Johansen
Ivan Chivers next to Ozzie the dog
Angela Chivers holding August Johansen. — with Lora Ebersold JohansenGage JohansenLois Skow JohansenAngela ChiversJack Johansen, Emily ChiversCamilla JohansenHeather B. Olson-Johansen and Kyle Johansen.
It was an evening of great food and drink, a visit from Santa and the dice game for gifts.

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