Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas 2016

Wanda’s Ode to 2016

Christmas is nearly here, the year is spent 
Leaves me wondering just where it went.

As spring and summer memories fade into the past, 
Snow boots & shovels are ready and snow will be coming fast.

A Big Trip Out West was October's big deal, 
Scenery, visits to friends and family & 5000 miles behind the wheel.

What fun to reconnect with relatives, pals and workmates of years past.
Gave me a nice feeling to know that solid friendships can last.

The Pacific Northwest is beautiful with its mountains and sea water.  Upon reflection,
If only Wisconsin had those peaks and oceans, it would be perfection.

Thanks to all who housed, fed, entertained and made room in busy lives for a 715 me.
I’ll be back to each area code again soon for more fun & time together & much more time at the sea.

I started the trip visiting my Auntie Jeanne & Uncle Nel in Washington, it had been awhile,
My last night on the road was spent with Tante Johanne in Iowa.  These folks make me smile.

My daily gig here in Rice Lake is still filled with piano lessons, playing bridge and family events,
Watching kids play sports, dance or make music in a concert, these are my kind of presents.

My yard continues to mature as I add more and more perennials to the mix,
I love seeing the flowers blooming, trees growing and each year find a new little area to fix.

Occasional trips to our cabin Up North, or Glenn’s lake cottage add to the Up North feel,
Retirement lets me plan each day as it comes, I have to pinch myself to remember it is for real.

I enjoyed many concerts in Eau Claire, Community Theater here in Rice Lake, talent close by,
Old time radio show of It’s a Wonderful Life was a nice holiday treat, bringing a tear to my eye, sigh.

Volleyball in late summer, and basketball now in winter, make for many miles in the car,
But watching the kids, and I do enjoy the sports, it really doesn’t seem like that far.

Our family said goodbye to another this fall.  My half-sister Bonnie is now at rest,
A complicated story in our family, but her kids (my half nephs & niece) are the best.

An election year always brings controversy, who are you for, who are you against?
It was not my choice of endings, but now we move on to soothe relationships that were tensed.

I almost forgot to mention the two cats, that live here and make all the rules,
Barley and Hops are fine, lazy, and sometimes stubborn as mules.

My outside birds continue to pose for photos, and eat me out of sunflower seeds,
It’s not hard work & a small price to pay, to tend to their suet and feed needs.

The page is filled, my story for this year has been written, & time for me to cease.
My one and only wish for you is to find, spread and enjoy the season of Peace.

Have it good,

Keep in touch.

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