Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Luck vs Unity at Luck

Janice and I arrived at the school at about 10 to 6 on Tuesday, thinking we would be about the first ones there, but much to our surprise the parking lots was quite full.  
Luck was playing Unity, one of the closest opponents in terms of proximity, so the fans had really rolled out.  And, we were mistaken about the JV / Girls' Varsity start time, so we were late, thinking we were early.
So, it is fun to have a full gym, not so much for getting our favorite seats on the top row behind the boys' bench, but for the excitement factor of having a loud bunch of fans.
Unity lost their 5 starters last year as they were all seniors, but they have repopulated their team with some very big kids.
It looked to be a runaway, Unity getting ahead by 15 or more, but the Cardinals showed a lot of heart and fought back and with less than 2 minutes to go, we had a 4 point game.  Very exciting for sure.
Great nephew Gage is a freshman who is playing off the bench on the Varsity since there are not many boys on the Varsity.  Great nephew Jack is a Junior and he starts on the Varsity squad.
Near the end, Luck had fouls to give so Jack ended up with 5, not his usual.
It's so fun to see the brothers on the same team and I hope they think it is as special as I do.
Here are a few photos from the game.

Jack on the move

Gage on the Left and Jack on the Right

Gage inbounding

Gage trying for the steal

A three point try by Gage

Gage subbing in for Jack

Jack is a leader on the court

Jack going high on defense

Jack getting on his man

Shot was blocked

Jack in the corner

Jack and the rest of the Cardinals

Time out

Gage takes the 3

Half Time Score
But the Cardinals did not give up.

Jack to the hoop

Jack looks like he is mimicking the cardinal painted on the wall.
Within 4...

Jack gets his 5th foul

The final score.
It was a closer game than what this shows.
 The game ended in favor of Unity, 
but with a few free throws 
and a couple less turnovers, &a three pointer that rimmed out,
it could have been a different ending.  

If, If, If.

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