Friday, December 23, 2016


I guess I didn't really know it was going to snow today, but it is coming down hard and is very pretty.
I'm lucky I don't have to leave the house today,
although I had thought I might run to the grocery store later.

But then, I was sitting in the living room and hearing a car engine reving, over and over.
Finally, I went out the front door to see if someone was in the ditch and there was, my neighbor, deep into the ditch in front of my house.
He came down his driveway, thought he would turn right
and then promptly slid right across the road into the ditch.
I couldn't do a thing to help him.

His pal came over to yank him out and that's exactly what he did.  YANK!

I was nervous he was going to get tangled up with my plant trellises as the yanking out was a little out of control.
But he popped out just in time.
So, I guess I'll work on cards and puzzles today, leave the car in the garage.

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