Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thanksgiving Day

It's the first snowy day of the winter in Rice Lake.

I filled all the bird feeders early so my feathered guests can enjoy their day.
The chickadees, finches, red breasted woodpecker, downy woodpeckers, pileated woodpecker 
and nuthatch have all dropped by to eat.
Black Capped Chickadee
Downy Woodpecker - male

Red breasted Woodpecker

I had planned to be home today to decorate,  watch football and cook dinner.   Angie included me in the invite to join the family at her house,  but I declined as I enjoy decorating on this day.  
As it worked out, I'm glad I'm not out on the roads.

It's been such a sad week, so adding a little joy to the house feels good.

So, my brewery Christmas village is back in operation and the tree is lit.

Florence's snowflakes have now joined her doilies on the window.

I'm cooking up turkey thighs,  yams,  potatoes,  dressing and cranberries and 
I'll feast later watching The Packers.
I couldn't wait. 
Thanksgiving dinner is in my belly. 

Happy Thanksgiving to all my readers.  I appreciate you stopping by.

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