Wednesday, November 18, 2015

From Lois, afternoon 11.18.2015

Well...this morning Gus's heart went into Atrial fibrillation for about 10 min.  Luckily, it went back into rhythm on its own.  That scared him....Urology wanted to do a medicated bladder rinse again, and PT and OT wanted to get started a bit....he said NO to all of that.  We are all going to have to do a lot of pep talking to get him to do some things that may be hard and unpleasant in order to get him well.  Drs said he could rest today.  Lois did get him to at least raise the head of bed when he is eating and drinking.  Nurse was afraid he could choke and aspirate into his lungs and get pneumonia.  Now he is sleeping....
Let's all get our cheerleading pompoms out.

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