Monday, November 16, 2015


Moving Gus out of ICU to Stepdown care later this evening.   He had a little to drink,  juice &  protein drink.  He seems to be calmer since the dialysis.  Hoping he gets some rest tonight. 


This morning Gus had new dialysis lines placed.  The original lines were not satisfactory for good blood flow.
Once he was settled back into ICU, dialysis was initiated and it seemed to go as planned, so far.
Todd Walters from Luck stopped and brought cards from Jens, Ruby, Stella and his son,  Zach.  He visited with Gus for a bit.  The cards were added to the display on the door with the posters made by Elliana and Milena
The Chaplain, a very kind man, stopped and shared a prayer.
Gus has moments of clarity and then moments of confusion making for interesting conversation.
He told me that this place did not have any machines to do dialysis so he had to buy one.  Always shopping.  :-)
The Critical Care MD came by.  He lined it out as
Job 1-dialysis;
Job 2-sleep with CPAP on at night to take stress off his heart and lungs;
Job 3-everything else like meds for infection,  etc.
His dialysis RN is very nice and patiently answers all my questions.  His nurse,  Jacquette, is a real nice and kind woman.

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