Thursday, November 19, 2015


Today I'm copying some text messages from Lois as my update, and an email from Aunt Johanne.  Gus has a good memory for sure.

Having some lower BP today, started some saline for more hydration... Feels crappy, but clear mind.  Dialysis is scheduled for 2:15 today.  Also infusing anti fungal med in the kidney tubes, to get it in the bladder....hoping that will work.

From Aunt Johanne
Thanks for keeping me posted on Gus. Saw his old teacher Goldie (Monsen) Sorensen this morning. I think she was his first grade teacher. She said to give him a greeting and tell him she is thinking about him.
She said she also had Joe Johansen . She was from Bone Lake. Her parents had a big farm and then by the lake they had cabins for rent.

Response from Lois:
I told him...he said Goldie Mohnson was his 2nd grade teacher,  Mrs. Prose was his 1st grade teacher.

I'm headed down to spend the day on Friday.   More then.

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