Saturday, April 4, 2015

West Denmark

Today I attended the funeral service for one of Dad's friends, Ray.  He was married to Gladys before she died, Gladys was one of Dad's favorites as a young man.  
Raymond was buried at West Denmark, just a little North of Dad & Ev.  
After the service and lunch, Lois and I went back to the cemetery to tidy up around Dad & Ev's bench.  There was a mound of dirt and a couple of pots from the funeral in December.  We also laid Dad's military marker on the ground to see how that should be placed.
Now that we have idea about what we want, I'll call the business that placed the bench 
and ask them to help us place the military bronze marker.
This is not the final location, we hope that the marker can be placed on a cement pad a little smaller than the one under the bench, with about a 2 foot space between.

That bench is such a striking feature in this little cemetery.
I hope many folks will sit a spell with Dad & Ev as they visit the cemetery.

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