Monday, April 20, 2015


The temperature has taken a swing downward but today was the day we planned to dig the day lilies at Erickson's.  Every year since I moved to Rice Lake, Gary & Mary have offered that I can come and dig some lilies out of their gardens and plant them in my yard.  
Day lilies are the best, they grow with very little encouragement
 and the blooms are so pretty and go on and on.  
So, today I dug for my own yard, 
for Glenn & Kathy's lake cottage yard 
and some for Lois's yard in Luck as well.  
Bruce met me there and he took home lilies for his yard and delivered the ones to Lois.
 Gary insisted that we use the chart this year and pick certain colors.
Seriously, I don't care what colors I get but he asked that we humor him.
And so we did.
It's hard to see in these photos but the bed where Gary is standing, has about 1200 lily plants.
He wants that bed to be gone next year, so he's actively giving away the flowers.
I probably took 20 clumps and Bruce got about the same, 
and you could not see that we had even been there.
It was so cold outside, we nearly froze.  
It was 'almost' too cold to drink beer after we were done with our work.  
These tubs are full of clumps of lilies, 1/2 for me, 1/2 for Glenn and Kathy.
I hope to plant tomorrow, it's too cold for me to spend any more time out in the wind,
and I think the lilies will appreciate a warm night in the car, inside the garage.
My hops came back, second year for these guys and they are doing great.
It won't be long before they can catch the strings and start their climbing activity.
Nuggets ornamental hops, I hope I can find more this year, 
I have a few other spots in the yard that could use a pretty vine.
I'm settled in the house with the fireplace one.
I'm warming up and the kitties are happy.

Life is good.

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