Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Chainsaws rock

Gotta love a nephew who is an ace with a chainsaw.
Ryan offered to do some tree trimming in exchange for a little computer maintenance, and I took him up on the trade.  I got the better deal!
Monday morning it worked out that Ryan could come over with his chainsaw.
We walked around the yard and looked at what I thought needed done and then I let him get to work as I had committed to play cards that afternoon.
When I got back, things were all cleaned up and he was working on loading wood into his pick up.
I told him to leave the brush for me, but he doesn't go for that, clean up is in his DNA.
The lawn mowing guys will be happy, no head knockers, lower branches gone.

Two trunked oak is now a single trunk and has space to grow into a mighty oak.
Trail cam - before photo of the maple clump to the East of the deck.
and a large kitty on the prowl.

The maple clump got a good downsizing and should be less apt to split in the wind.
I can't wait to see it with leaves, I bet it won't be that noticeable.
The trail cam caught Ryan pulling about 10 loads of branches to the brush pile.

Ryan's pickup was full by the end of the loading.
He thought this would heat his house for about a week, so I'm glad for that.

This brush pile will give the little birds cover and I'm betting there will be a few nests built there too.
I hope the weather warms up again as my yard needs more TLC but this was a very good start.
Thanks Ryan!!

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