Friday, April 10, 2015

Little update

Well, the weekend was all about The Badgers and the NCAA Tournament.  As you all know by now, our heroes lost in the championship game versus the Duke Bluedevils.  I've always been a 'duke hater', so the loss stings a little extra for me.  But life goes on, the Badgers players are already announcing their switch to professional status and next year's team is in the build mode I'm sure.
Our NCAA pool was won by great nephew, Jackson, 
this was his first year joining us for the tournament bracket fun.
We don't play for money, but for a picture of a trophy instead.
It's all in fun but make the tournament more interesting.
Nice going Jackson.


It's been raining and windy most of the week, good Spring weather.
I'm starting to see a few plants come to life.
The day lilies are up just a bit, chives are really growing and today I see sprouts from the two hops plants I added last year.
Yesterday, in the rain, a flock of purple finches visited the feeders.
It's always easy to confuse the house finch with the purple finch, but with the help of some birders on Facebook, I think I have it right.
Soggy Purple Finch
Today we have lots of sunshine and puffy white clouds.
The suet logs are on their last legs, I keep forgetting to pull them down and toss the remnants.
Today, the Pileated Woodpecker was back, working hard to get a nugget of suet.
This Pileated Woodpecker looks kind of mad about the suet supply.
I'm off to Herold this afternoon, in fact I should be packing up.
This weekend is the wedding of my other brother, Paul, in Winona.
I'm heading to the wedding and taking my camera.

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