Sunday, April 12, 2015

My Life as a Wedding Photographer

I survived my one and only gig as a wedding photographer!  Whew!
My good friends, The Rosenows, have been like a second family to me for the past 40+ years.
Yesterday, 04.11.2015, Paul Rosenow married Faye Moseley in Winona, MN 
and I was asked if I would take the photos.
I agreed, even though taking important pictures of people makes me very very nervous and I'm not very good at lighting and all of that other photography stuff.
Other than how badly I perspired, yikes!, it all went fine.

Here are a couple of shots of the happy couple.

The Wedding Party
Aunt Marlene, Faye, Paul and Uncle Dale

Faye and Paul
I'm so happy for them.
It was a fun day (I can say that now) and I'm enjoying editing the photos I took.

It was a short career as Wedding Photographer, 
and I'm very glad to go back to my more casual nature photography hobby.

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