Saturday, January 31, 2015

Jackson is a tough customer

Jackson plays tough defense.  
Today was my first chance to watch him play basketball.  
He played hard and tried his best.  
His team lost the first game but lost the second game.  
Good sportsmanship and learning more about the game seemed to the theme of this competition.  
It was my pleasure to watch alongside his Grandparents on both sides, 
his little brother Jake, and also his Mom and Dad.

Here are a few photos from today's action.

Catching a pass

Going for that ball

On his man

Defending the inbound pass

Getting big on defense

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Forcing the jump ball

Team Profile

Team photo

Little brother Jake
It was a fun morning in Woodville watching Jackson.  
I also learned that his coach calls him "Big Joe".
This makes me smile as Dad was always called "Joe" by his Navy Seabee mates.
It's kind of nice to have another Joe in the family.

Life is Good.

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