Wednesday, January 7, 2015

140 days later

I have been keeping track of the days since my surgery and today we hit a milestone.  140 days, 20 weeks, ~5 months.  While I wondered if I would survive the first 8 weeks, the last 12 weeks have been a blur.
Right after my surgery, I got this note from Ev, with a fat check included.  
She would pass away just a few short days after I received it.
Priceless 'card' from Ev

Since 8.20.2014, I have had lots to do, but have tried to keep healing my ankle as job #1.
Managing to keep weight off my foot for 8 weeks by using the knee scooter & then crutches, wearing the airsplint boot for 8 weeks, figuring out how to manage the steps into the house and the getting in & out of the car, all seem like a dream to me now.
As of today, I am quite pleased with the results of the surgery and my healing.
Ice is still my friend, but generally I am walking with only slight stiffness and discomfort.
The old 'bone on bone' constant pain, is history!
I feel like I should be able to walk well by summer and can't wait to get out and enjoy the scenery on foot again, it's been a couple of years of avoiding much of that.

Life is Good.

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